Camedora Pictures

The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.

We believe that great stories have the power to inspire - they shape the world into a better tomorrow. Join our team of creatives on this journey as we deliver unprecedented video production services crafted in the heart of Toronto.

SINCE 2019 We are a creative film and video production company based in Toronto, Ontario

Camedora Pictures was established by a group of film and movie professionals in 2019. Camedora’s mission is promoting valuable concepts of humanity such as compassion, trust, hope, love, respect, honesty, prosperity, diversity and generosity. We believe in a better world and we are here to dream big dreams and work hard to make it happen.

Video Production Services

We offer different services such as photography, videography, & production. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


From start to finish, our team can manage your video production needs - from storyboarding to logistics & post production, we've got all the tools to delivery an unparalleled project.


A skilled team of editors is the backbone behind our work. With years of experience working in a variety of genres, we craft videos that touch the hearts of any audience.


At Camedora, we own a host of professional gear, from cinema camera to industry-leading sound recording. Your projects will look how you expect them too - perfect.

Our Recent Projects

Experience the difference of working with Camedora Pictures - explore our most recent projects to grasp the passion we have for our work.


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